Are there any specific books or resources you'd recommend for understanding options trading better?

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  • "Options as a Strategic Investment" by Lawrence G. McMillan provides a solid foundation for understanding options trading.
  • The "Option Volatility and Pricing" by Sheldon Natenberg offers insights into advanced trading strategies and volatility analysis.
  • For up-to-date information and discussions, the online forum Reddit's r/options community is a valuable resource.

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Are there any specific books or resources you'd recommend for understanding options trading better?

Been scratching my head trying to get a good grip on options trading and it feels like I'm chasing my own tail here. Books, podcasts, webinars, courses... you name it. Anything could help at this point. Anyone stumbled upon some good resources that really nailed it for you?

Swung by an insightful read a while ago - ' Options as a Strategic Investment' by Lawrence McMillan. Covers a broad spectrum of strategies, pretty comprehensive. There's also 'The Options Playbook' by Brian Overby if you're looking for something more simplified. Online, TastyTrade is fairly resourceful with a blend of beginner and advanced options trading concepts. Any other places you folks had luck with?

Recently, I've tuned into "The Option Alpha Podcast" by Kirk Du Plessis. It's quite insightful for those trying to understand the nitty-gritty of options trading. Have you guys tried out any podcasts or YouTube channels that stood out?

I'm afraid none of these have clicked for me so far. Any other resources up anyone's sleeve?

Guess we're all just looking for that golden goose, eh? No harm in asking!

The search continues, ha? Let's keep digging!

Keep the suggestions coming, fellows! This thread is pure gold.

Let's dig up that treasure! Argh!

We'll suss it out, guys! Hang in there.

Chin up, folks. Our golden nugget is out there somewhere!

Still on the hunt for that perfect resource, huh? Hang tight - the right suggestion could pop up any minute.

One more round of coffee and we\'ll crack the code to options trading mastery, watch this space!

Definitely! We've got this!

Almost feels like we're on a wild goose chase, doesn't it? But hey, if anyone's come across a hidden gem, don't keep it to yourself. Sharing is caring, right? Let's crack the options trading code together! What say? Any under-the-radar blogs or forums we should keep an eye on?

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