Can you recommend any online communities or forums for discussing option trading with cryptocurrencies?

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  • offers a dedicated section for discussions on crypto trading strategies, including options.
  • Reddit has several subreddits such as r/CryptoCurrency and r/options where traders exchange tips and strategies.
  • The CryptoCurrency Discord server provides channels for options trading discussions and real-time chat with other traders.

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Can you recommend any online communities or forums for discussing option trading with cryptocurrencies?

Anyone know any solid online hangouts to chat about trading options with crypto? Need some places with good convos and tips on this kinda thing. Cheers!

Sure, you might wanna check out the subreddits like r/options and r/CryptoCurrency. They're pretty active and you can find some quality threads there. Also, TradingView's chat rooms can be decent for real-time discussions. Just steer clear from the noise and look for the traders who know their stuff.

You could give Bitcointalk a shot; it's been around for ages and there's a dedicated section for trading discussions. Discord channels can also be golden, but you'll have to sift through to find the ones that aren't echo chambers.

Honestly, a lot of forums are filled with hype rather than helpful advice. Be careful and don’t buy into the hype too quickly.

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