Understanding Premium in Option Trading with Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to option trading with cryptocurrencies, one of the fundamental assets you'll frequently encounter is a term known as "Premium". Let's delve deeper into what this term means for beginners in the crypto trading landscape.

What is 'Premium'?

Simply put, a Premium refers to the price you pay to buy an option contract, whether it's a call or a put. It is essentially the cost for the rights that the option grants you. If you're a buyer, this Premium is your maximum risk. Conversely, for an option seller, the Premium received is the maximum profit they can achieve.

How is the 'Premium' Price Determined?

The Premium in options trading is determined by a combination of intrinsic value and time value of the option. The instrinsic value is defined by the difference between the current price of the underlying cryptocurrency and the strike price. On the contrary, the time value is determined by the remaining time left before the option contract expires. As expiry date approaches, the time value diminishes which is also known as time decay.

Why is 'Premium' Important?

Understanding the concept of Premium is crucial as the Premium price impacts both the potential profit and risk involved in option trading. A high Premium implies a higher risk for the buyer and a potential to gain for the seller. Vice versa, a low Premium indicates lower risk for the buyer and less potential to gain for the seller. Therefore, the right calculation and interpretation of the Premium can make a significant difference when dealing with options in cryptocurrency trading.

Calculating 'Premium' in Cryptocurrency Options Trading

Given the volatility of cryptocurrencies, calculating the Premium in this market can be a bit different compared to traditional options. The Premium tends to be higher due to increased risk associated with the underlying asset. However, it is essential to consider factors like the cryptocurrency's volatility, the strike price, time value, and the underlying crypto's current market price, while calculating the Premium.


In summary, the Premium is a key concept in option trading with cryptocurrencies. It helps traders decide upon the monetary risks they are willing to take, and the potential payoffs from their trades. Hence, understanding 'Premium' becomes an imperative aspect of successful trading.

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